Lockdown Week 7: Nature Strikes Back

Feeling sorry for myself this week after Boris’s Johnson’s speech on Sunday, that not much is going to change and no dates for when offices can open and that cinemas and hairdressers might be able to open in July.

However, nature as calmed my nerves over the past two months, I have noticed in the clear blue skies (sometimes grey), there are very few white lines left by aeroplanes and my daily walk at lunchtime is so quiet, I can only hear the birds. The park and stream I walk past every day are clean and free from litter, but I have started to see a few used face masks blowing around the roads. Lunchtime walks in the park are much more interesting and destressing than walking around the city centre and its shops.

Closer to home aka my garden, last weekend we had three visitors. Don’t call the police they weren’t human, it was a magpie who spends most of his time walking around our garden (I have called him ‘Corona’), a fox as big as a medium sized dog and a smaller younger one who seems to spend his nights here.

Then there are my fur babies Boris and Flo driving me mad, following me around when I’m trying to work. They think I am at home solely to serve them so I have resorted ‘Dreamies’ overdoses. They are so cute…when a sleep.


Day Box Set: The English Game (recommended by my new boss), a short six-episode series about how football began. I don’t do period dramas but this was interesting. Even thou the rules of the game have changed, football big wigs and players arguing over money hasn’t.

Night Box Set: Innocent on ITV, I think I saw it before but couldn’t remember who the killer was.

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