Lockdown Week 6: Virtual Pub Quizzes

Question one: How was April 2020? A. Bad, B. Worse or C. a shower of $%&$ !!!

So then April…what the hell was that all about? A full month of lockdown and looks like no light at the end of the tunnel in May.

Question two: Why aren’t Hair Stylists classed as key workers? Rescheduled my appointment for the second time (hopefully for the end of May) since my last cut on 1st February. For a girl who usually has cropped short haircut, this overgrowth bedhead style is driving me mad. I don’t care when I can work back in the office because I won’t be going until I can get my haircut.

Anyway, best to focus on the positives. The good things about last month was I saved money, paid off debts, had time to work out and clean out. For May learning new things like gardening (my only skill is I can cut the grass) and I found a sewing machine in the spare room, so maybe masks should be my first thing to attempt. However, one skill I have required over the last week writing questions for virtual pub skills. Its really hard, it takes over your life! Trying to find at least ten questions per subject round, and I’m was only working on the questions not the music clip rounds!

Question three: What will May 2020 bring? Answers on a postcard.

Day Box Set: Afterlife on Netflix. Who wants to watch a show about grieving right now? But is very funny and it made me laugh even when I’m having a bad day. I’m not a fan Ricky Gervais but I agree with what he has been saying about complaining rich celebrities, that they have nothing to moan about being stuck in their mansions with millions in their bank accounts.

Rant Over – Stay Safe x

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