Lockdown Week 5: The learning week….my head hurts

Don’t waste your extra free time social media keeps telling me. So many adverts about courses, exercise programmes and unwanted advice on how to think and react during this crisis.

Maybe they have a point and for me I was already using Duolingo to learn French (c’est difficile) and after a 30-day free trial I signed up to Davina McCall’s ‘Own Your Goals’ fitness programme ( https://ownyourgoalsdavina.com/ ) for £9.99 a month. A daily French lesson and a workout takes around 40 minutes of my day. That’s the same length of any box set episode.

This week I finished an Excel refresher course as I failed the LinkedIn test. I use spreadsheets every day but I realized I use the same formulas and copy and paste for the last nine years, and this weekend I enrolled on to the Open University’s OpenLearn ( https://www.open.edu/openlearn/ ), which offers free courses beaucoup! Loads of subjects so I think you can work out what my first course is, a French beginner’s course ‘Beginners’ French: Food and drink’ because maybe one day I can go on holiday again.

As for the healthy eating and new recipes, it’s been a lot of water and variety of salads. I’m yet to attempt new cooked dishes.

My plan for week six, don’t put myself under so much pressure.

Day Box Set: Insatiable series two on Netflix, nowhere near as good as series one. I have forgotten the plots already.

Night Box Set: Manifest series two on Sky One, at least with this show it does end most of the storylines then leaves just one cliff-hanger…unlike Lost.

Stay Safe x

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