Lockdown Week 4: Healthy eating…starts next week.

The last thing on my decluttering challenge – food! I seriously cannot clean my room anymore without developing some levels of OCD. It’s all clean its actually spotless, now everything I own I do not want to throw away. Monica Gellar would be so proud of me.

So… this week as being all about sorting out food and healthy eating as I’m the one going to the supermarket now, I’m taking charge of what to buy. I cleaned the cupboards of out of date tins (a few soups and a rice pudding) and put the healthier tins at the front, tuna, sweetcorn and salmon. Plus ate all the biscuits over the weekend along with a few Easter eggs to start a fresh on Monday.

I also ate all the fresh staff in the fridge and cleaned it out before shopping on Saturday. All that was left was half a carton of milk, a bottle of beer and eggs. After cleaning the freezer all opened packets were put in one draw to eat first, trying not to waste any more food.

Then dusted off a French cookery book I have never used along with a book on salads, flicking through them some recipes I know I won’t like – anything with mushrooms – or I have never heard of some of the ingredients.

Time to use this lockdown to learn about food, Oh Man! I so miss McDonalds! Lesson number one not everything can be cooked in the microwave.

Day Box Set: Finished off Good Girls series two, not as good as series one. I felt it dragged on a bit.

Night Box Set: Manifest on Sky One, series one kept me interested so much I finished it in four nights. Please be better than Lost? Just started series two.

Stay Safe x

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