Wheels Up to Criminal Minds…End of an Era

Au revoir Garcia, JJ, Prentiss, Reid, and Rossi the last originals standing along with Alvez and Simmons and all the past members of the BAU. I can’t believe its finally over after fifteen seasons, I haven’t felt this depressed since the end of Friends.  Thank you to the universe for the constant repeats and boxsets.

No spoilers, all I will say is they finished off the show very well with maybe an option of a spin off (I can hope).  My highlights of CM are the Ian Boyle and Prentiss’s fake death story, Billy Flynn – the Prince of Darkness killer (he scared the hell out of me), religious nut Benjamin Cyrus played by the late Luke Perry (who knew Dylan from 90210 could be so evil) and the pig farm episodes ‘To Hell and Back part 1 and 2’.  I didn’t eat pork for a few weeks after that.

My favourite CM moment didn’t include dead bodies or shoot outs it was when JJ’s son dressed up as Spencer for Halloween at the end of Episode 5 series 8.

I did think this show wouldn’t be as good without Morgan (Shemar Moore is good in S.W.A.T but better in CM) and Hotchner, however the brilliant and different storylines kept my interest and my option that America is full of serial killers.

My only disappointment is the life quotes, usually said when they are ‘wheels up’ or at the end of the episode. They never used Eric Cantona’s ‘seagulls’ one.

The quote used in episode 7 of the last series was very relatable to the current global pandemic – ‘We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so to have the life that is waiting for us’ by Joseph Campbell.

Other finished shows I found hard to cope without (first world problems) were 24 and Designated Survivor, Jack Bauer saves the world over and over again then becomes the President by shouting ‘Damm it’ every five minutes.

Then there was Bones, it was our family Sunday dinner TV show, eating our Sunday roast while watching gruesome close ups of dead bodies in HD. The killer was usually the second person Booth and Bones had spoken too (not including family and friends). The show wasn’t so good when they got together.

Scandal finished well with happy ever afters for all but one of the main characters, and Good Wife, Suits, Major Crimes, West Wing and Madame Secretary all finished at the right time. But I do think Instinct with Alan Cummings could have had at least one more season.

But the one show I wasted years watching and kind of glad to see the back of is Lost. What was that all about and the ending was crap. I have been tempted to watch it again to see if it makes sense a second time around, did I miss any clues? However, I think the writers made it up as they went along and there was no structure or lose ends tied up. I hope Manifest doesn’t end up the same way.

Oh well it’s a time to give thanks for all the good things (including great shows) in life and Blue Bloods and Law and Order SUV are still going strong.

Bye Bye BAU you will be missed.

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