Lockdown Week 3: Easter Decluttering

Well that was an unusual bank holiday weekend. Sunny, warm and can’t go out.

Week 3 felt harder than the previous two, trying to focus on my work when there is talk of furlough. Big Boris was still in hospital and even intensive care for most of the week and little Boris (the cat) had a sore tail so the worry of paying emergency vet bills were on my mind too. Now I’m happy both of them are now in better health (without a trip to the vets).

Day Box Set: Good Girls series 1 on Netflix. Surely Beth and Rio are going to get together and Mary is going to get her comeuppance. Under the current financial climate maybe robbing a supermarket should be put on my things to do in lockdown list. However as there are queues to get in all of them, I need to think of other get rich quick ideas.

Night Box Set: Law and Order SUV, we are on series 14 now and it never gets stale. Munch’s sarcasm and Tutuola bad attitude goes with Benson’s empathy.

This week I carried on with Davina McCall’s fitness programme, lunchtime walks and another a week of 0 spend days.

I also started decluttering (‘operation house when it raining/bad weather’ project), I organized my bedroom and now my bedroom/gym/office is now spotless.

I cleaned out:

  • My wardrobe: already got rid of clothes via eBay and charity shop in February.
  • Cleaned out my purse of unused items: receipts from Christmas.
  • Discard old books and DVDs: no books to throw out and a box of DVDs ready for Music Magpie.
  • Under the bed: I didn’t know I had so many scarfs and wires which I don’t know what they belong too.
  • Remove old apps: games I don’t play and language apps that don’t work.
  • Clear space off computer: too many old CVs and music I don’t listen to.
  • Delete old emails: old job applications and past concerts tickets confirmations (remember them).
  • Shred old paperwork: nearly filled our recycling bin.
  • Clean out old shoes: Chucked out one pair of trainers out of ten.
  • Organize photos: There were so many blurred concert photos or specks in the distance of singers I could not recognize. I googled if photos can be recycled and it came up as how to put photos on your phone into the recycle bin, not actual photos on paper. I feel so old! FYI photo paper cannot not be recycled.
  • Organize calendar: an easy one as everything is cancelled.
  • Toiletries: I have a lot of sample body lotions to use.
  • Donate old toys: Hell No! have you seen Toy Story!

Week 4 will be a food related and healthy eating clear out. I’m doing the exercise but I could be eating more of the right foods.

Stay safe x

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