Lockdown Week 2: Apocalyptic movies sans toilet roll

I love all those apocalyptic TV shows and movies, mainly zombie ones like the Walking Dead, World War Z and Zombieland. Other memorable ones I can remember are Revolution, Leftovers and Z nation. But I don’t recall any of them containing mountains of toilet paper or a storyline about loo roll shortages.

I saw the film Contagion at the cinema when it came out in 2011, full of A listers including Kate Winslet, Matt Damon and Marion Cotillard. It scared the hell out of me then and its very close to today’s global problem. I won’t be watching it again (even thou it was a very good film) and I can’t believe ITV2 and Netflix are so insensitive in showing it.

The day box set this week was Dirty John on Netflix. It was educational as I have learnt never to trust anyone especially the hot guys.

The night box sets were Save Me and Save Me too on Sky Atlantic. Already watched the first series when it came out two years but needed to remember all the small storylines and characters. Series ‘too’ was just as good as the first, it tied up a few plots and a left open a few new ones. Every day seems to be a bad day for poor Nelly and his yellow jacket. Looking on a few TV news sites there might be a third series.

lockdown photo 2
watching cloud shapes instead of working

Working from home has been a struggle for me this week, I can’t seem to get into any routine. For week 3 I am setting my alarm to its normal 6am time and use that extra ‘commuting’ hour for fitness. I’m still working my way through the Davina McCall’s programme.

Operation Garage has started 3 bin bags of water damaged items from the last three- or four-years’ worth of rain and one corner of cobwebs and spiders cleaned out. I think there is more cobwebs to clear in that corner but after a while I starting to feel sick.

I found a 30-day decluttering challenge on Instagram, not many good reviews about the app so I’m working off a screenshot of 30 thing to do. That’s my ‘operation house when it raining’ project. Enough stuff to keep busy thought the boredom.

And as of last night, our Prime Minster is in intensive care with this virus. Get Well Soon Boris – you can do this. Your country needs you!

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