Lockdown Week 1: Telly – yes, Travel – no, Cats – yes

After being the only member of my team without a work laptop, it was rather lonely in the office last Monday. I was hoping Boris Johnson would lock down the country and two hours after his evening my big boss based in the US said I could work from home.

Day one consisted of calls to IT to set up my personal laptop and day two was me trying to get into some kind of routine. So far it is a twenty minute Davina McCall workout first thing, then work without any background noise (my desk is the ironing board so more leg exercises), a 10 minute walk around the block, 20 minutes learning French on Duolingo app, lunch and then in the afternoon work with a boxset on in the background. I’m thinking around watching two boxsets a week (afternoon and evening).

Week one’s afternoon series was Virgin River on Netflix, easy going 10 episodes with no car chases or murders just will they won’t they storylines, secrets and a nosy neighbour. What I would do to move to a remote small town or a countryside village right now. With a bar run by a hot guy but preferably single in my dream world. The evening programme has been Bulletproof series 2 on Sky. Very good and Pike and Bishop are a funny double act. Its filmed in Thamesmead in London near the 02 Arena. I long to go back there for a concert or a sporting event…you don’t miss it until its gone.

Films last weekend were two Luke Goss (from Bros) films, Extracurricular on Sky Cinema (teen murder) and Hollow Point on Netflix (bad cops). Both not great! Other films Strange but True, an excellent thriller with twists which I didn’t work it out and ‘comedy’ Drunk Parents with Alex Baldwin and Salma Hayek which was not funny at all and I usually enjoy stupid humour (both on Sky Cinema).

Apart from work (as of Tuesday 31st March I still have a job in the travel industry) and TV, I feel I need to make the most of his lockdown. To do things I have been meaning to do for years.

Firstly, Operation Garage it was already on my 2020 to do list, however it was also on my 2015, 16, 17, 18 and 19 to do lists too. The tip is closed and hopefully the scrap metal man is staying indoors, so I need to arrange the rubbish into certain recycling piles.

One of my quarantine project

Keeping fit is the top of my list I joined OYG Davina (own your goals) fitness programme on a 30-day free trial. Depending on my financial situation the end of April I might subscribe.

Another free 30 days programme I have joined is LinkedIn Premier. Before all this COVID-19 business I was looking around for other job opportunities and there are loads of courses on here which I think will be helpful. After failing the Excel test, that will be the first course I need to complete.

Who knows what the next week will bring or even tomorrow? But let’s make it a positive and productive one.

Stay Safe x

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