Wahlburgers, London: The Right Stuff

Once upon a time there were five Boston boys telling me I was their ‘favourite girl’ via these things called cassettes.

Donnie Wahlberg and his rat tails haircut was my favourite New Kid.  I never saw them in concert until their comeback tour in 2009 (my Mom told me I was to young to go to the ones in the early nineties).  Now instead of watching Donnie’s dance moves, I’m watching him kick ass on Blue Bloods.

Then there is little brother Mark, I love the majority of his films especially Patriots Day, Daddy’s Home and Three Kings.  Instant Family and Transformers not so much.  Back in the summer of 2000 I meet Mark (along with George Clooney) at the Perfect Storm Premiere in Birmingham.  Nice Guy.

This weekend was all about brother Paul.  A trip down lo London for a burger in their restaurant after drooling at the mouth watching their reality show ‘Wahlburgers’.  Seeing how fast restaurants open and close down in this country I wanted to cross it off my bucket list ASAP.  Situated in Covent Garden we didn’t have to wait long for a table for four (we were seated downstairs).

Between the four of us we shared two starters loaded tater tots (similar to potato croquettes) and halloumi fries.  Tasted lovely!  Being a Donnie fan I should have had his favourite burger the ‘BBQ Bacon Burger’, however as I don’t like jalapenos or avocado spread I had the standard ‘Our Burger’ which is Paul’s choice.  Mark’s choice is the ‘Thanksgiving Turkey Burger’ which sounds like a Christmas dinner in a bun…not the right time of year.  The ‘Our Burger’ was very good, I think the Wahl sauce added a little extra.

No room for dessert or a sickly-looking alcoholic milkshake (freak shakes), actually no room in our stomachs for the rest of the day.  Totally full!  For one ‘Our’, two ‘Doube Deckers’ (spelling mistake on the menu we were told), one ‘Moving Mountains’ (veggie), loaded tater tots, halloumi fries and six drinks came to around £120. No bad for London prices…

…plus, a ‘Mom’s favourite’ T-shirt (£22) and a pint glass (£6).  If its still open next year (fingers crossed) we will be back.



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