Bon Jovi: The Greatest Showman in Coventry

Two words – Front Row!

After seeing Hugh Jackman in concert, a month ago (very good by the way), it was time to see the actual World’s Greatest Showman…JBJ. The hair has gone grey but he is ageing like fine wine or Hampton Water, if I plug his wine, I might get a free bottle. He still has the moves and that gorgeous smile was brighter than ever close up, did I mention front row.

All the concerts I have been to so far this year and all the concerts I have been to since my last Bon Jovi concert in 2013 (it’s been six very long years to wait) were excellent but they weren’t JBJ and they will never match him.  This was my 15th Bon Jovi concert, my first was in Paris 23 years ago.  For two hours I forgot about the problems, however I did add to my financial stress as I spent a fortune at the merchandise stand, programme £15, t-shirt £30, vest £40 and a hoodie jacket £70.

Brilliant organisation by the Fan Club for the VIP packages. Ultimate, Diamond and then us -the Golds collected our packages in that order. Paying £370 for the Gold package included a Gold Circle ticket, an overnight bag, flag, guitar picks and last year’s programme.  It also meant early entry 30 minutes before all the gates opened.

After picking up the goodies we had another 20-minute wait before we were let into the stadium.   There were only 10 Gold VIPs in front of us, so we knew we were front row, but I had to decide in a split second to where to stand.  I choose smack bang in the middle, in front of the walkway and where JBJ’s microphone would be. Could have been closer on the sides but the middle position meant I could see all the stage. I did pick a good spot as he came down the front three times (We Weren’t Born to Follow, I’ll Be There for You and Lay Your Hands on Me) during the show, so that is a success to me.

My highlights apart from him using his walkway were Born to Be My Baby (my favourite all time BJ song), It’s My Life and Livin’ on a Prayer.  Wanted Dead or Alive was great as well but it still doesn’t seem the same without Richie.  When Jon lifts his guitar over his head at the end, he looks lonely as Richie used to mirror his actions and I felt the same for I’ll be there for you. But hey if Richie is happy so am I. Phil X is an amazing guitarist but Richie is irreplaceable.

Yes, this concert cost me a fortune but a Bon Jovi concert is priceless, now it time to start saving for the next tour.  Don’t leave it to long next time Jon.


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