Ibiza Blues: Back to the Island

I’ve only been home a few days and I can’t get rid of my holiday blues. I’m dreaming about going back already.  Ibiza is my favourite non-French destination and after working there for three summers, its full of memories in which most of them I vaguely remember…maybe that’s a good thing.

The summer of 2003, my first year ‘working’ abroad for a holiday company and my first time away from home. It was six months of living and working in Ibiza Town, and going out every night, a few hours’ sleep, going to work dealing with moaning holidaymakers (you book two-star allocation on arrival for £200 don’t expect 5 star all inclusive), home for a few hours’ sleep, back out again and repeat.  Memories of running to catch the last bus to San Antonio or walking 2 or 3 miles home from Playa de en Bossa after a heavy night out. Walking was a good hangover cure I was sober by the time I got back to the flat.  My summer diet consisted of take away meals, vodka and jamon crisps – very healthy.

I was more sensible in 2004 I went out every other night and it was the summer I met Monsieur X and by my third and final summer on the island I had enough of the partying and my £2 an hour wages, I think I went out every other week and counted down the days until the end of the season.

So back to the present day any changes in the last 15 years? My work mates who have lived there for over 40 years haven’t aged (but their observation of me was ‘you got fat’), holiday reps have been replaced by an app and I prefer a cuppa tea at 2am instead of partying in San Antonio.


The sunsets are still amazing and my favourite bar – Ground Zero is still standing. It is where I met Monsieur X and where I spent all my wages. Being in this bar it felt like I have time travelled back to my twenties, until the new DJ started playing Elvis and The Beatles instead of Bon Jovi or Metallica, then it was time for my cuppa tea.

It was only a short break of four nights so didn’t have to visit Ibiza Town or Plaja d’en Bossa, too busy sunbathing, and making the most of the all-inclusive at the excellent ApartHotel Nereida …maybe next time.

Ibiza: the film location

I never watched any of the reality TV shows, Ibiza is so much more than one road of bar and drunks. Even thou that is the road Ground Zero is on. Recently I have watched two terrible movies Ibiza Undead, wooden acting and crap jokes but the end of the world looked beautiful on the White Isle and Ibiza on Netflix, terrible not one scene shot on the island. It should have been called it Barcelona instead.

A few others I have heard of but not seen are Its all gone Pete Tong, Zombie Spring Breakers, Amnesia, Is Harry on the Boat? They are on my ‘to be watched’ list. But the best Ibiza film I have seen many times is Kevin and Perry Go Large (showing my age), 10 out of 10 for ‘ginger pubes’ and ‘sad act’, the millennials would hate it.

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