Take That and Party…again and again…

It started on a Friday night in Manchester, then upgraded to a VIP box at the 02, then back down to the cheap (er) seats in Birmingham for another three times. Correction four times after we brought tickets for their last Birmingham and arena gig this Sunday the day before.

The original plan was four concerts – Manchester, O2 and two nights in Brum. However, our military operation of buying the tickets ended up with an extra Birmingham night because when I clicked on ‘Pay Now’ and my lap top crashed, I didn’t know if the order had gone through. So, our friend tried for another night and as soon as she got her confirmation order number, I received my mine.  Has for the sixth (and hopefully our final one) my sister said she was just checking if there were any cheap seats left, she found tickets by the B stage and had an impulse buy moment. Monsieur X thinks I have gone mad but hey it’s my money and other friends ask ‘how can you watch the same show so many times?’  Easy with a Take That concert there is so much going on I see new things every show.

Take That are my second favourite band, Bon Jovi are number one but the cost of one BJ show = 3 TT shows, and I have seen TT 27 times so far (not including solo tours). Three times before the big split, missing the comeback tour as I was working abroad, four times on the TT Circus, three Progress shows and seventeen times après Jason including a trip to Berlin.

tt 5

So back to the latest tour it was a wonderful, brilliant, extraordinary, amazing etc. I can’t find any more words in the thesaurus they never disappoint. The set list is the same as their Greatest Hits album with the same new versions of some of their old songs.  With this show I felt they blew all their budget on the massive disco ball made up of TV screens giving a cool video display and a higher stage for the boys (and Lulu).  The flames that appear for Relight My Fire and Get Ready for It were more like sparklers and even thou they had a second B stage for two full songs that’s the only time they came out to the fans (no extension out to the crowd from their main stage).

My memories of this tour are Mark missing his drum solo cue during Out of Our Heads Tonight in Manchester, watching the large screen/ball effects from a VIP Box in the O2 and protecting my beer from the confetti rain during Greatest Day, Cry and Said It All.

I really wanted to go and see them in Paris next month but my sister can’t stand the place and even TT can’t make her go also I think TT has taken all my money now.  However, on the positive side we can start saving for their next tour hopefully in a few years.

tt 4

My favourite part of the Greatest Hits tour: 1. Jason’s video clip 2. Spin and 3. Rule the World

My top three tours in order of preference: 1. The Circus 2. III and 3. This Greatest Hits tour.

My favourite songs: With the all members, Pray (not keen on the new version) and Never Forget, as a foursome Rule the World and now as a three piece, Giants and after these latest gigs I love Spin.

tt 1

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