Game Of Thrones: Shows I don’t care about.

Apparently, Games of Thrones was the best thing on the box and I should be watching it but after binge watching the first series in a day as there was nothing else on, I couldn’t care less.  However, I have watched the last five minutes of each episode in the last two series, has I recorded it onto DVD for my non-Sky GOT loving friend. She is now watching the final episode as I type, I just have to be quiet and top up her cuppa with tea for the next 90 minutes.

It didn’t tick my telly boxes – no car chases, serial killings, zombies (I stand corrected zombie dragons and lots of walking corpses) or French words and too many characters to remember. I had no interest in who’s backside made it on that throne. 

Other shows that are not on my TV radar, all period dramas that’s most BBC shows and Downtown Abbey and I think the oldest period I watched and enjoyed is the 80s with the Americans and Stranger Things. Also, I cannot be bothered watching most British political dramas as they usually biased.

Elementary, Blacklist, and Blindspot I should enjoy them because of the crime solving but seen all this before and I think I got as far as series two. Twin Peaks I didn’t get it the first time around, Sex in the City and Girls tried a few episodes but preferred Desperate Housewives.  13 reasons why, my friends talked about it (basically told me the full story) and that’s the reason why I haven’t watched it – it just doesn’t appeal. Then there is CSI, the Sopranos, the Wire and Breaking Bad I know I should watch them before they become really dated, but not on the top of my things to watch list.

I can’t stand shows that are so far-fetched (Walking Dead doesn’t count) as my mind and attention span doesn’t stretch that far. For example, the soaps I haven’t watched them in years and reality TV shows. I don’t watch any of them of the ‘talent’ shows, z-lister specials and docu-soaps. Life is too short.

So, to summarise if there isn’t the warning before the show ‘This programme contains: violence, strong language, scenes of a sexual nature, scenes some viewers might find upsetting (don’t kill the dog), and scenes unsuitable for younger viewers’ (really? They probably see worse on their video games and iPads) before the show then I’m not interested.

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