I’m Back Provence! My French Green* & Blue* Weekend

  • all I could see was green fields and blue skies.

Jeudi/ Thursday: 23:57, I’m sitting in the freezing cold coach station waiting for my bus to Stansted Airport.  My flight to Marseille is at 06:50. It’s been 3 years since my last visit to the area to visit Monsieur X and there is a lot of water under our bridge.  Time to sleep when on the coach but Monsieur X was texting, I told him to go to sleep as we would be talking in around 10 hours. Feeling 20% nervous, 30% tired and 50% excited.

Vendredi/ Friday: 10:00 landed in Marseille and noticed while waiting in the passport queue, half the queue is wearing thick winter coats and scarfs and the other half in t-shirts. No surprises who is French and who is English. I put my sunglasses on for the whole of the weekend before stepping out of the airport (not used to blue skies and that yellow thing in the sky) where I was hugged by the Monsieur. Feeling 80% happy 20% tired.

First stop was Marseille for a walk around Le Vieux-Port, he has taken me there lots of times and I never get bored of this city.  Lunch was at Le Jardin D’á Cote for plat de jour (fish, vegetables and aioli) and of course a few glasses of rosé. A few hours there equalled a red sun burned face, I was to busy protecting my tattoo from the sun to think about my face…or maybe it was the wine.

Late afternoon we arrive at our home for the weekend in Salon-de-Provence. Monsieur X found the petit house on ‘Leboncoin.fr’ (out of high season 50€ per night). A few minutes’ walk into the town centre and in a quiet area. Just what a city girl needs to de stress and relax.

The evening was spent at My Beers Bar, very popular and a massive variety of beers.  Feeling 80% tired and 20% sleepy

Home for the weekend
View from the terrace

Samedi/ Saturday: Tea and pain au Chocolat for breakfast at Brasserie Le Colisee in front of the Fontaine Moussue (and for the next 3 days) before a drive up to Vernègues and for a walk in the countryside and its 360-degree views. So much green landscape and all blue sky. Tres Belle.  We had lunch at Le Repaire, more rosé and a ratatouille and cheese omelette. It tasted so good and the quiet courtyard setting under the sun was a gorgeous (head sun burning) setting.  Monsieur X took a detour on our way back to Salon, we stopped off at Martigues, the French’s little version of Venice for a walk around and a drink.  Feeling 95% relaxed 5% a bit tipsy.

Our evening was spent in Salon, a few drinks at My Beers before staying in Monsieur X’s local bar Portail Coucou for the rest of the night with his friends. There was a live band on that night and luckily for me they were American so I could at least understand them.  Feeling 100% drunk (Thank God our little house was behind this bar, only a two-minute walk).


Dimanche/ Sunday: Breakfast in Salon, lunch in Miramas with Monsieur X’s welcoming and friendly family discussing Brexit and Eric Cantona. Enough couscous to feed the whole town and Chateau de X has the best cook in town (his Mom). Feeling 80% relaxed 20% fat.   Our evening was spent on the sofa watching TV feeling 100% full.

Lundi/ Monday: So windy today but not too cold. We headed to the sea today, down to Carry-Le-Rouet (stopping off at Istres for a drink on the way). We had the fish dish of the day (amazing) at Le Scoop overlooking the harbour, along with another bottle of wine and a massive glass of stronger rosé when we finished off the bottle. This resulted my falling (a big bruise on my knee) on the rocks while breathing in the fresh sea air and yet another beautiful blue view.

Heading back our holiday home knowing I was going back to my real reality home the next day, he took the scenic view (stopping at Istres beach and Miramas-Le-Vieux)) and I took in as much fresh air and positively as possible.  Our last night was watching football at My Beers before a pizza on our windy run home. Feeling 100% chilled out.

Mardi/ Tuesday: Time to go home, but not before a tea at French Coffee Company (France’s version of Starbucks) before a walk around the Miramas countryside.  Monsieur X is so lucky this area is this running route. Feeling 100% happy but I still didn’t want to go home.


J’aime le Sud, I hope to see you again soon…and the same to you too Monsieur X.


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