New Tattoo: Art or Tramp Stamp?

Answer: I don’t care as  I love it

Had my Fourth tattoo this weekend, which I love but oh the pain!  It hurts more now than it did lying on the chair putting my faith in the tattooist and his needles and ink. The pre-inking stress was unbearable, will his design match the one in my mind?  What if I don’t like it (after paying my deposit)?  What if it looks more Blackpool Tower than Eiffel Tower?  What if?

Anyway, it was not the design in my head, it was much better than what I visualized.  I wanted the Eiffel tower with some seagulls (Cantona representation), and the Tricolour in blue, white and red order, not red, white and blue.  And as you can see, I got what I wanted.

paris tattoo

For the last 3 months I have spent most of my time searching for tattoo ideas. Yes, it’s a subject that not everyone agrees on. You either love them or hate them and even thou I now have four,  when I look at other people’s tats sometimes I think ‘what the hell were you thinking’.  My only piece of tattoo advice – it hurts more and costs more to have them removed.

For me tattoos are art, I prefer to look at tattoos than art exhibitions or TV shows on Sky Arts and lying on the chair looking at the various designs around the tattoo shop while being inked on Saturday, it made me think about a comment Monsieur X made years ago ‘you don’t understand art’ after walking around an art exhibition during the Cannes Film Festival many years ago.

Wikipedia says ’Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect…’ Just because I not interested in splashes of paint or a pile of empty boxes piled in a centre of an art gallery doesn’t mean I’m not interested in art.

So, for me, apart from my cool tattoos – art is:

  • Eric Cantona’s Kung Fu kick and his philosophy.
  • A stadium of 69,999 and me hanging onto Jon Bon Jovi’s every word.
  • Sunrises/sets.
  • The trouble the cats get themselves into.
  • A funny movie/ sitcom that can make me laugh when my life is falling down around me.
  • Con Air my favourite all-time movie – Cyrus Grissom is a masterpiece.
  • Watching a film in peace (doesn’t happen often on Meerkat Movie Wednesdays).
  • Ibiza – sunsets, beaches, Ibiza Town, Bora Bora even the West End.
  • Sitting outside a café in Salon de Provence.
  • A Big Mac actually looking like a Big Mac.
  • My stomach on a ‘flat day’
  • And of course, the Paris.

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