French February: Week Quatre, La fin de Février

Finished off Marseille series 2, gutted that there will not be a series 3. However, to get over my depression Monsieur X has invited me to visit his home town in three weeks, so at least I will see the city again just not the characters.  I’m trying not to get excited but its only 19 jours away and last time I visited (3 years ago) I promised his parents I would speak French on my next visit. Medre! I have been using my Duolingo app every lunchtime but I think I need to get my head in a few language books for the next 19 days.

I didn’t find time to watch any other French shows this week but I’m remembering a few magnifique shows from the past.

The Tunnel (Series 1, 2 and 3) – Sky Atlantic

My first impression of Sky Living’s the Tunnel was it’s a bit slow at the start and not in a cool French type of way, it needed to pick up speed and it did.  Clémence Poésy was great as the miserable straight talking workaholic Elise Wassermann and the more human British DCI Karl Roebuck’s (played by Stephen J. Dillane) wise cracks tried to lighten her mood. I did have to watch it again to piece together all the twists before watching series 2.  Series 2 was a lot better it still had the twists but they made a lot more sense and Elise managed to crack a few smiles. But series 3 finished on a high after I watched the whole series in 2 nights. A few Brexit jokes and a brilliant ending.

The Returned (Series 1 and 2) – Channel 4/More 4

Frenchies + zombies = my television heaven! Please check out my Lake Annecy post (as I don’t do repeats apart from Friends).


Hard (Series 1, 2, 3) – Sky Arts

Only the French could make a comedy about the porn industry.  Hard was hilarious, very crude but who cares I‘m not a nun and dull Sophie needed to cheer up, having to run a seedy porn business after she husband died isn’t paradise but being with the hot Roy the Rod (a sensitive caring porn star) would make even a nun smile.  I still have to watch series 3 when I have the house to myself not the kind of show to watch in front of family.

Braquo (Series 1,2 and 3) – Fox

I do enjoy a bunch of dirty cops fighting crime their own way.

The Disappearance – BBC4

Firstly it’s not the same as the Canadian one on Universal, that one was good but this French one is Magnifique! Probably one of the best missing person type crime dramas I have seen in a long time.  I worked out who the baddy was in episode 2 however there were so many skeletons in the main characters’ closets I did doubt my theory throughout this story.

J’aime la France, j’aime la télévision et j’aime les émissions de télévision Français

Ok the French aren’t prefect and either are all their TV shows.  Mansion Close on Sky Arts, I found it very boring but maybe a programme about prostitutes back in 17th century isn’t for everyone’s taste and Jo on Fox it had Jean Reno and was set in Paris but wasn’t very French.  Reno is the only French guy in it and the rest of the characters are American or in one case a British actress with an American accent.  An interesting cop murder drama but more a Paris tourism adverts with dead bodies lying around the French capital’s popular tourist areas.

Anyway back to the apps and books – A bientôt

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