French February: Week Trois – La politique (TV)

Ok in the real world where democracy is dying and selfish politicians do what is best for them and not for the people who took the time to vote. In the TV world democracy is dying and politicians are selfish…etc.  Political dramas are similar to police ones, the English are slow, the Americans are loud and the French have sex at every opportunity.

I have nearly finished the second series of Marseille on Netflix. Ok it probably didn’t show a realistic view of French politics and with it’s over the top scandals and back stabbing it is like every American political drama. It’s a very good show in a great city about the city mayor and his protégé.  It took me longer to watch this drama as I kept freezing it to look at the background, to check if I have been to that part? The old port – tick, the train station – tick, Notre-dame de la Garde (on top of the hill) – tick, the Stade Vélodrome – tick (Marseille lost when I went), and I think I’ve had a few drinks next the show’s city hall.  I still have the Cathedral on my ‘to be visited’ list.


Another French political drama I miss is Spin on More4/Walter Presents, just as addictive as Marseille, I watched series 2 in one sitting.  This drama was about the President’s spin doctor Simon Kapita, trying to clean up scandals and who would of thought Henri Leclair from Mr Selfridge could be such an villain, the actor Grégory Fitoussi is vile as Simon’s arch-rivial Ludovic Desmeuze.

And Paris tattoo update, all booked for 9th March…excited and nervous.

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