French February: Week Deux, L’amour

The week of l’amour!  No, I’m still single but had a little lesson from Monsieur X on Thursday, ‘Joyeuse Saint Valentin! Mon amie! Vive I’amour et l’amitie’ he said. Long live love and friendship!

This week would have been perfect to watch loads of French romantic films. I watched two – first was Lost in Paris on Sky Cinema, a quirky love story and comedy about a Canadian girl visiting Paris to look after her elderly aunt.  Beautiful location of course but not a laugh out loud film for me however it did make me smile. Then I dusted down a cheap DVD I forget I had Un Homme á la Hauteur (Up for Love).  Girl speaks to Jean Dujardin over the phone, they get on, then they meet and she is tall and he is very short, problems along the way but we all know how a rom-com ends.

Apart from those two films I stuck to what I know dramas instead of romance, catching up on The Crimson Rivers (I think my favourite show of the year so far), started Marseille series 2 on Netflix and tonight Julien Baptise is back on BBC one.

As for my language lessons, I continued to use my Duolingo app at lunchtime but had a bad week, I kept losing my lives before the end of my break. Mon Dieu!  It feels like I playing a game on my phone so it doesn’t feel like hard work. And my French phrase of the week ‘Je suis excité et nerveux ‘, I emailed my tattooist about my French themed Paris tattoo ideas and I have a consultation on Saturday. I can’t wait.

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