French February: Week Un – L’agenda

The start of a new month, is a good time to start something new. This month would be my millionth attempt to learn French.  Taking a break from stressing about work (don’t take the problems home with me) and a digital detox as Monsieur X left for the Alps for his ski season so no chatting on Facebook. No more excuses it time to hit the books and apps encore!

Every day this year I have written one sentence about my day in my French journal with the help of Google Translate. ‘Je suis allé au cinéma’ is my Wednesday phrase and with the language learning and extra qualifications to improve my career chances, my other phrase I’m picking up is ‘J’étudie beaucoup’.

Trying it immerse myself in French culture and language I have a good selection of films and boxsets to get though.  This week I caught up on Walter Presents – The Crimson Rivers, a very cool detective crime drama, I noticed that English, American and French police dramas are so different. English detectives are old and slow but get the job done without killing anyone.  American detectives kill everyone and the French,  they have sex at every opportunity…seriously in a car on the side of the road!

So ‘petites marches’ last week and bigger steps for the next. Plenty of books and films to get through, French words to read, write, speak and hopefully remember.

A bientôt.



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