Cleaning Up: Canary Wharf, for the (none) City Slickers

I’m up to episode 3 of Cleaning up – so far so good but away over the top, no way would a cleaner get away with what they doing and I need to focus on the story and not Sheridan Smith’s hands. The tattoo cover up makeup sometimes makes her hands looks a lot lighter than her arms.

Set in Canary Wharf, somewhere I’ve been many times for pleasure not business, it’s were I stay when staying over for concerts at the O2 or last October I was there with Monsieur X.   Only once I had to go for business and against my will.  Did my boss have a gun to my head? Not physically but when they say I have no choice and ‘you have to go!’ it’s kind of the same thing.  Anyway, it was a two-day training course on the 30ish floor and fun fact around 35 planes fly over this area.  Maybe more but I was too busy learning than looking out the window.

Looking down at the human ants.


My work colleagues and me stayed at the Britannia Hotel,  walking distance from the office and underground. A standard room with a window and breakfast was around £80.  There was no Wi-Fi in the room unless you paid £7 a day for it.  This hotel had terrible reviews on TripAdvisor but it was not that bad, the decoration was dated and the carpets in the public areas worn but the hotel was not terrible.  My room was clean and the television, shower, kettle and heating worked. My only negative point was the bed, it was comfortable but I don’t like beds that are not divan and give serial killers access to hide underneath (Luther Series 3 episode 1, I never got over it).   The buffet breakfast was fine, even had the choice of chips (my type of hotel).  I would stay here again if at the time the price is much lower than other modern hotels in the area.

No serial killers under my bed.

Around and under the area (underground shopping centre) there are plenty of places to eat from the very expensive to the familiar chains like Nandos and Wagamama.  For dinner we went to the Slug and Lettuce, previous visit was with Monsieur X last year but no drinks this time. Cheap good pub grub is just what I needed after a brain-numbing day.

I love London but as a tourist but I couldn’t work there, packed on the tube every morning – no thanks.  Watching the local experts bend their bodies into the smallest of gaps before the doors closed.  I’m sure if there were no health and safety these commuters would squeeze out the windows and sit on the roof like the trains in India.

So, working in London full time is not part of my career goals and neither is being chained to a computer in an office for 5 days a week, I think I getting to old for office politics. So maybe chained to a laptop in a coffee shop, hotel or looking out onto a beach or the countryside? Yes, that sound better than the same four stressful walls…or maybe I should google insider trading instead.


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