Billions: This time next year we will be…

Happy New Year! Yes, I know I’m very late for the party but cold and flu symptoms slowed me down from starting my ‘new year new me’ goals.

One of those goals is saving money, I’m sick of being skint and living way above my means. After maxing my credit card on Take That and Bon Jovi tickets (3 TT tickets = 1 BJ ticket) … and Backstreet Boys… and Hugh Jackman, along with Christmas shopping and the so-called Boxing Day ‘sales’.  Wow I got £5 off a t-shirt and half price shorts. It’s time to stop using my cards and start to use the paper and metal things called cash.  If I haven’t got the cash, I can’t buy it.

What I want in 2019:

  1. Holidays and enough spending money not to do them on the cheap or the ‘never never’.
  2. New Clothes (New Year, New Image).
  3. iPhone? Undecided, £1000 for a phone equals a return flight to USA, 2 trips to Europe or 4 weekends in England.
  4. Saving for my future, maybe my own home.

What can I do?

I waste so much money on magazines, toiletries and junk food, so cutting some of them out will also help my fitness and recycle 2019 goals. Last year I nicked so much shampoo and shower products from hotels I shouldn’t have buy much this year and short hair makes it last longer.

Apart from my car, everything I own is in my bedroom and I’m sure I can declutter some of my stuff. I have already sold a lot of DVDs and CDs on Music Magpie and I still have around 500+ DVD and CDs to sort through.  They are either Limited Editions I want to keep because I don’t trust my cloud or old DVDs of my favourite movies I can’t find on Sky or Netflix (mainly French or Eric Cantona movies).

As for new clothes I’m not a designer label junkie and I’m too lazy to search through the jumble sales in TK Maxx and charity shops.  After shopping at Nike and Gap outlet stores, I will never pay full price for jeans or sportswear again.  Apart from when I’m in London I might treat myself in Nike town (my Disney Land).  But before I buy any new clothes, I need to make room and money to buy them by selling the clothes I haven’t worn for the last 6 months on eBay.

Will I ever be as rich as billionaire Axel? Or enjoy the Riviera lifestyle of the Clios family? Of course not.   But if I have enough for my bills (especially Sky and Netflix), holidays, food and a bit left over then I’ll be fine.

Wishing you all a rich 2019!

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