Ooh, Aah Cantona – An Evening with Eric

I hate Manchester United but love Eric Cantona.  I loved him since he joined Leeds so maybe Man Utd fans should get off my Eric bandwagon. I saw him first!  I used to cut out the Manchester United emblems out of my Eric posters on my bedroom room and if only he came to England a few years earlier I might not have dropped out of my French lessons.

I have slowly come down of my Eric high from Thursday night at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, for £200 I got to stand next to the genius for around 10 seconds for a photo then just over an hour of him talking about his footballing career and a bit about his acting. Worth every penny.  A lot of money for a short space of time? Yes, but it’s a tick off my bucket list. 

The photo opportunity consisted of shaking his hand, quick eye contact and a standing next to him praying the photo would turn out… keep my eyes open! Luckily it did.

IMG_0516It was like a boy band concert, there was a ‘support act’ ex United players Brian McClair (very funny) and Clayton Blackmore (not so funny), instead of girls screaming there were men shouting for Eric’s attention and singing all the 20-year-old plus Cantona chants.  When he recited his ‘trawler and seagulls’ speech or mentioned his favourite goal (against Liverpool in the 1996 FA Cup Final) the crowd roared like a pop star singing his greatest hit.

Would I go again? Yes, if it was closer to home and I would buy just a standard ticket. The trouble with these evening/audience with shows, the star would probably talk about the same thing again.  In Eric’s case I could listen to that accent, his Kong Fu kick and his acting stories forever. FYI, I think I was the only one interested in his acting, the man fans stopped screaming though that part.

So, to summarise – Yes, he is a man but most of all he is CANTONA – Mangnifique!


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