Filling the Walking Dead Summer Gap

Even thou most of the English summer was hot and we had a good run in World Cup I did miss Daryl and Rick.  After hearing the news Andrew Lincoln is leaving it made all wait even harder, how is he going to go? Walking off into the sunset with Judith or finished off by Lucille.

So how did I spend my summer without the Negan’s saviours and Rick’s survivors. Watch the boxsets all again? No, a break is as good as a rest but not from the undead so I worked my way thought Sky and Netflix zombie/end of the world catalogue.

St Caria Diet and iZombie (Netflix) are lighter zombie shows not so gross as the Walking Dead and Z-nation.  St Caria Diet is about zombie Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and how her family try to ‘feed’ her and keep her diet requirements secret as well as finding a cure.  However, everything goes wrong and Sheila usually ends up eating one of the neighbours and her husband Joel has to clean up the mess

With iZombie the show’s heroine zombie Liv has a cool pale look which gives us human milk bottles a style icon and baddie Blaine is the hot guy you can’t take home to meet your Mom. Liv uses her undead skills by eating the brains of the murder victims (as she works at the coroner’s office) which leads to her seeing their memories and helping the police to solve their murder. I watched all four seasons and it has been renewed for one final season.

Hard Sun (BBC1): Two London detectives found out the world is going to end and people wanting to shut them up. It started off good but I found it dull half way through and even duller when I found out there would be not second series. Best thing about the show is my copycat Agyness Deyn haircut.

Fear of the Walking Dead (E4): Finally, on one of my channels, I have Netflix and pay a lot for Sky TV and I still spend most of my evenings flicking through the TV guide to find something to watch so I wasn’t going to pay for BT TV as well. Series 1 finished in 2 nights….

Z-nation:  It started off so well, like a cheaper version of Walking Dead (couldn’t get it on a HD channel).  With a group of survivors try to keep Murphy, who is the only human to be bitten but not turn, safe and get him to a research lab to use his blood to save the world! Out of the five series I gave up at the end of series 2, for a zombie show it went a bit over the top for me.  Was Murphy a goodie? A baddie? An alien? Confused and gave up.

One of the best undead shows I have seen, apart from Walking Dead has to be the Returned -French original version not the okay copied American one, I didn’t have time to re-watch this summer but it has to be one of the best (and beautiful) zombie shows I have seen.

Taking a break from the box sets I squeezed in a few films…

The Cell: Starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, it had terrible reviews but it was a good film up to the last ½ hour then it just went weird and I lost focus and even thou I rewound the end a few times I still didn’t get it. But the way the people became ‘infected’ could actually happen.  Note to self – I must spend less time on my phone.

The Girl with All the Gifts: Slow start but aren’t all zombie movies?  The kid was not annoying as most child characters and knowing that some of it was filmed in a road near my office in Birmingham, I was trying to spot the landmarks and roads (hard when it’s been CGI-ed).  I did spot my local Tesco and it’s funny to imagine this is what Birmingham could look like after the end of the world – the same as it is now just with a few more weeds.

Ibiza Undead: Wooden acting, crap jokes but Ibiza is still beautiful even after the end of the world.  An easy simple film to watch while hungover or in my case doing my ironing.

Cooties: School kids turn into zombies and the loser teachers have to save the day. Bored and not funny, so terrible I rather putting a stake through my head.

Zombieland: Again! One of the best zombie comedies and looking forward to the sequel the end of next year. I need to revise ‘the rules’ (soon to be laminated) it’s been a long time.

And what’s worse than a walker free summer – mega long American Christmas holidays!  Just as you get into the latest storyline, you hear those cruel words ‘Walking Dead will be back in New Year’.  New Year? To me New Year is classed as the first week maybe two weeks of January – not February!

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