World Cup Withdrawal Symptoms… it’s only been 48 hours

What a blast the last four week have been. Beautiful weather, the beautiful game and a bar bill to bankrupt me. I’ve never been to the pub so much and now I can’t get used to staying in on a school night. It felt so weird that the day after England went out it was back to grey skies and low temperatures for a few days.

I felt this England team brought us English together (apart from football haters), north and south, the right and the left, the royalists and the republicans and maybe even the remoaners and brexiters. It’s even brought the rest of the world came together too…well in hating us even more than normal.

Yes, we aren’t perfect, yes parts of our history aren’t great but hasn’t the rest of world got parts of their history they aren’t proud off.  They had an easy run!  They never played any big teams! So what, it’s about time we had a bit of luck.  The English fans are all yobs! Yes, there is a very small number of thugs with sh*t for brains and many who can’t handle their beer but again are you telling me there is no football related violence in other countries.  It’s not coming home now! Yes, realistically we weren’t expecting to win it but the few weeks of dreaming was a cool feel good factor. The English are arrogant! No, it’s our sense of humour, we can actually laugh at ourselves.

Rule number one of being an English football fan, have a backup country and being a Francophile, I backed the French from the start. The big gambler I am I put my £1 on they to win two weeks before the tournament started. What will I spend my £12 on?  I did get a bit worried it might have been a France v England final, as my family and friends would blame me for England’s loss. If that had happened not all the positive thinking of the English nation would of beat that amazing French team.

I have a many World Cup personal memories, a few stand out ones – Italia 90 discussing last night’s game on the way to school. Going into work at 6am to watch England v Brazil in 2002, crying in Monsieur X’s arms in Salou when England went out in 2006 and being at a heavy metal concert (Sebastian Bach) in 2014 when Brazil lost 7-1. And this year’s memory must be standing on a chair to watch the big screen in the pub as the other TV was broke for the first 20mins of the England’s semi-final game.

With Wimbledon over as well, I can finally catch up on all the TV I have missed over the last four weeks (in between the Tour de France) starting with Deep State, S.W.A.T, Safe and Handmaid’s Tale. As well as a detox, too much pub grub and beer the last 4 weeks.

So, the flags are down and the football shirt and waistcoat are back in the wardrobe until Euro 2020, I wonder if anyone told Gareth Southgate yet that as well as keeping his England job that he is also now Prime Minster and Chief Brexit negotiator.


(c) photo – ketchup and iPhone mark up art

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