Fitness goals: Working out while watching TV

Bonjour TV Fitbits.

One month into 2018 as has others have either given up on their new year fitness plans or are in full keep fit mode, I’m just starting mine (getting over Christmas Flu and January blues).

Healthy and toned body has been on my resolution list since November, and I have dusted off at least 2 years of dust off my Wii, added Boris and Flo to the pet weight in function and deleted my past measurements as it time to start a fresh. My BMI is fine but there is always room for improvement. So back to (usually) 3000+ steps while watching a 40 minute box set episode.


I’m trying to find a new evening fitness class but in the meantime its weights, yoga and apps at home. My room is part bedroom/part gym, cat chewed yoga mates, weights, a tummy toner (which I’m not sure how to use) and my exercise bike. Cycling without moving is a boring task but watching 30 minute Netflix comedy shows on my iPad makes my 10km a day much easier.

I can link the comedies to my healthy lifestyle improvements:

Santa Clarita Diet: (un) healthy eating and makes me hungry while watching.

The Good Place: Improved my manners, not more ‘forking’ swearing.

Disjointed: Just say no kids.

Girl Boss: Gave me inspiration to sell everything on eBay…those weights didn’t pay for themselves.

Grace and Frankie: Anti-aging goals.

But…Friends from College and The Ranch were so boring they made me sleepy on my 10km ride.

And what’s all this work and pain for what? The same dream body of the TV actresses I envy? Or just to tone up the wobbly bits? I’m doing this to be healthier and to have more energy…as watching TV is so tiring.

Below are my body, hair, and future goals….to stop dying my hair and be proud to be grey like Frankie…in another 10 years.



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