Happy New TV shows

Bonjour mes amis, Bonne Année! Ah oui still learning the Français.  So it took me a week to write these few words.

How was your holiday season? My Christmas consisted of the same as every year too much food (my favourite is leftover turkey and ketchup), presents (this year’s favourite was a trip to Disneyland Paris in February and a Ricky Grimes figure) and just as traditional and reliable as Santa – rubbish TV.

Wasn’t the telly crap this Yule, endless re-runs, depressing soaps and films I saw last year.  The only shows on the terrestrial channel I watched were the Queen’s speech (because you have to), Mrs Brown’s Boys (funny but not the same without old Rory), McMafia (so far so good) and the highlight of my Christmas was Eric, Ernie & Me on BBC 4 (found it by channel surfing) about the Morecambe & Wise writer Eddie Braben starring Stephen Tompkinson. It was easy-going witty one off drama which showed how the duo’s top gags were through up by their writer Eddie.

Not much less to watch while eating my turkey sandwiches but thank God for boxsets and Sky Cinema. Watched the Tunnel in two sick days – excellent it’s a shame it’s the last one but ended on a high.  It was so good I have already watched it twice.  Then over New Year one watched the Crown while one had a beer to welcome 2018 – you have to love the Queen, she deserves her money, castles and palaces having to sort out every ones problems, family and political for over 65 years.  And in between France and Buckingham Palace I filled in the gaps with Suits.  I’m only on series 4 so no spoilers please.

As for films, Hidden Figures and Zookeeper Wife were true stories showing proper girl power. Clever women either up against racism or the Nazis. I have already been to the Kennedy Space Centre and Warsaw Zoo has been added to my travel list.  As for the other film I watched – Kong there was too much CGI the mega-ape looked like a cartoon.  There are so many films on Sky Cinema and Netflix I haven’t seen so my 2018 plan is not to watch a film more than once.  I’ll try to watch all the films on Sky Cinema so that I cancel it for a year and save some money, as my Sky subscription is getting expensive.

So the tree is down and the food and drink all gone, time it get back on the lettuce leafs and the yoga mat.  With the new series starting this week to name a few Lethal Weapon (my favourite new show of 2017), NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii 5-0, Silent Witness, Vera and brand new shows, Next of Kin and Kiri.  Archie Panjabi and Sarah Lancashire are good in anything they do so fingers crossed for these two shows.

I have hope for the telly this year, well apart from the last 2 weeks of 2018 when the Christmas films and re-runs are back on.

Happy 2018!

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