New travel & tourism job search:  Planes, trains & hotels.

New job search:  14 years in travel & tourism, looking for a role involves travelling.

With no more holidays in Provence due to MonsieurXit and with terrible exchange rates due to Brexit I need a new job/career which involves travelling.  Just like I did between 2003 – 2008, I think the best way for a spinster cat lady like myself to see the world would be via a job, because have you seen the high single supplement rates!

My CV personal statement is

I have over fourteen years of work experience in a variety of travel and tourism roles, including customer services, health and safety, hotel and excursion liaison, administration and product development within two international travel organisations based in Birmingham and overseas.

The personal statement I want to give is:

Free me from this office life, let me travel and just like a reality talent show contestant I will give my new job role 110%, in return for £20,000+ a year job based in West Midlands or location independent.

Yes I’m old (er) and I have more experience than qualifications however  I’m an ‘old school’ worker as in I turn up, I work hard and I get the job done but I might a have a moan about it along the way.  I work well with others but if someone doesn’t pull their weight and doesn’t work hard too, then I take no prisoners and after nine years back in an office environment and having to listen to random office speak like, ‘end of play today’, ‘back in the day’, ‘think outside the box’ and ‘sun setting’ arggghh! Sun setting? Why don’t people just said closing down?  I feel its time for me to work outside of an office or at least for a few days a week or month.  With travel and tourism most people think I’m a travel agent or involved in sales, this is not true.  I’m not a sales person, my experience is in hotel and client/guest liaison, customer services, travel arrangements, hotel quality and health and safety checks and a lot of administration.

Of course Bon Jovi tour manager or being a celebrity travel presenter  would be cool, but let’s get back to the real world.  So to all tour operators and hotel chains who want someone to test their services and to Sky and all the other TV networks, who need someone to carry any of your stars bags on their next trip or step in when they are off sick (my Brummie accent is what TV needs), my diary is currently empty and my passport and me are ready to go!

Employment History

My current position (hotel related – loading business rates and customer services) is driving me mad being chained to a desk looking at the same four walls, faces and spreadsheets, my feet are getting itchy and my passport is begging me to use it. I have been back in Boringham for ten years now and before then  I was working overseas for a holiday company, firstly as an Customer Service Administrator in Spanish resorts , sorting out angry guests complaints (again stuck behind a desk) and trust me the customer is NEVER always right and then as a Health and Safety Quality Co -Coordinator staying in amazing (and not so great) hotels in the Caribbean for eight months before returning to Europe for another summer of visiting hotels in Italy.

I lived in Ibiza, Orlando, and Sicily but never stayed in any hotels, visiting the Caribbean was a different story and even thou my stays in these hotels were short the majority of them were sweet too.  My favourites (so far) were:

Galley Bay – Antigua.

I only stayed one night there and after a day of auditing two or three hotels I never left my room because I was too busy taking photos of  it and the sea views, having the biggest bubble bath ever, my living room now is probably the same size as this massive bathroom.


Divi Little Bay – St Martin

They upgraded me to an apartment and the hotel was very nice and staff very friendly. I think it was all of my stay in St Martin which made this trip memorable. Monsieur X was working on the island at the time, so I had someone to enjoy the excursions I had to audit with. Monsieur X and my driver for the week were my unofficial tour guides I felt I saw more of this Caribbean island than any of the other islands I spent more time on.


Divi Little Bay is down there somewhere


Tropical Escape, Barbados

A beautiful small clean hotel and the only negatives about my stay there was a minority of vile guests who never read the brochure, and when they found out I worked for their particular travel company, they made my life hell with their pathetic complaints. Sandy Lane it isn’t but you get what you pay for and more due to the pleasant and helpful staff.  It’s been nine years since my visit (way too long to stay away from the islands) but I would also give a special mention to…..Blue Waters Antigua, when I redecorate my bedroom it will be styled like their rooms and the House hotel in Barbados this quiet small hotel is the perfect chill-pill to escape the rat race for a week or two.


My escape from those horrible guests

And the Worst

Note to all TV travel shows and travel blogs if any of your presenters or bloggers go off sick I would work for free minimum wage …and travel expenses. Or maybe I could visit the world’s worse hotels as I’m sure your stars would not want to do that.  I have plenty of experience in this field, yes 5 star hotels are amazing and it’s easy to remember my favourites but after I’ve checked out of a truly horrible hotel they are the ones that stay in my memory bank the longest… cue photos

Of course I won’t name these hotels; one was a hotel in Jamaica. It was a clean hotel, beautiful sea and sunset views and no problems with the staff. However staying alone in a hotel full of ageing couples ( I presumed swingers) giving me a wink and a smile scared the hell out of me and in my hotel room the only free TV channels I had was CNN and Playboy and there is only so much CNN anyone can watch in one night.

I will name Sandals hotels in Jamaica as not being the best hotels I have stayed in. The staff was very helpful, the hotel and rooms were beautiful and the grounds and beaches were clean and spacious. But again I had to stay in these hotels on my own looking like a jilted bride on her honeymoon.  These guests didn’t scare me, their ‘poor you’ sympathy stares made me paranoid instead. The first few days of stay I would hide in my amazing room making the most of the bathroom freebies and mini bar.

With Italy I will let the photos do the talking, these photos are 8 years old and hopefully the hotel got its act together or its been knocked down.

The Honeymoon Suite – complete with stains
The Gym –  where you can swing from the ceiling
If you want a room with wallpaper, you will have to pay extra
The lounge/ climbing frame for the kids

Less said about this hotel the better as I still have nightmares over the paperwork and endless reports, but I would love to get back out into the hotel and tourism world again (sans office politics).

My CV (and begging letter) is available on request.

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