Viva le Walking Dead! Bienvenue retour Rick!

Monday – 9pm – Fox Channel and I hear my one of my favourite TV sentences ‘this programme contains scenes of violence and horror’. Which means Rick and his reducing gang are back.

Yes I’m a cat lady who watches a lot of telly and oui I’m a Francophile who dreams of living in the French countryside but I’m also a Prepper. A ‘Prepper’ definition on a google search is ‘someone who focuses on preparedness, generally for various worst-case scenarios*. If I had my own place it would be full of canned goods and bottle water.

With all the crazy stuff happening in the world right now, like crazy world leaders, terrorism, global warming and remoaners I think I’m right to prepare for the worse. The dream will be to have my own farm in Provence for my animals surrounded by massive fences to keep the weirdos out. Hence I call watching Waking Dead, its cheap rips offs (yes you Z nation) and zombie movies ‘research’. I’m preparing myself for the end of the world and top of my Christmas list is my very own Lucille and maybe my own Shiva (I suppose Boris will have to do).

One of my many WD T-Shirts.

Of course Rick is my favourite W.D. character (Daryl is a close second). I think his a lot like Jack from Lost, the leader and the hero with his ‘die alone or live together’ type of speeches. I just hope when WD finally ends Rick as a much better ending than Jack. Then there is Negan the evil love to hate guy with loads of bad boy charm. The type of guy to take home (pre- Apocalypse) just to piss off your parents. Of course I hope Rick wins this future battle but it won’t be the same if Negan is killed off.

With Team Rick always picking up new members on their travels and old ones being bumped off there is one team member I wish would become walker lunch – Carl, the older he gets he is still annoying. Mate! You’re a teenager now get rid of the hat!

One of my ambitions is to be a walker extra. I don’t need much make-up, and my zombie brain experience consists of my walk to work every week along with the rest of workers in Birmingham City Centre. I pass fellow ‘rush hour’ walkers staring down at the pavement or looking blankly though each other being controlled by the noise coming out of our white ear phones – no smiles no eye contact. Now and again I see a smiling human in between the zombies, so not everyone hates their job, but I think there is a bit of zombie in most of us especially before 9am.

The only negative point about this show is the super long American holiday season breaks! Just as a great storyline is developing they go and have a 3 month break – not cool. So how do I fill the summers and this damm mega long Christmas holidays… with more zombie TV of course.

As for my travel bucket list, a few weeks isolated in the Georgia countryside does look and quietly sound good…Walker free of course.


*Prepper Definition from

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