New Month – New start…again x2. Why wait until January?

2017 is currently much better than 2016. Not life changing or amazing, not much travelling but a lot of concerts and sporting events and most of the time it’s been good – just more positive thinking.  No new tattoos…yet.  But I would love a French related one, not a whole map but maybe the Eiffel Tower.

paris tattoos
my ‘Paris tattoo’ Bing search

Boris and Flo keep me entertained by wreaking the house and Monsieur X and I are back on speaking terms however it doesn’t feel the same.  We used to be able to talk about anything and I could call him anytime but now I feel I have to watch what I say and wait for him to call me.  But with this new positive thinking I believe we will be best friends again. ‘Ask, believe and receive’ is what the Instagram statements say, one step at a time and I’m grateful and happy we are actually speaking. To think this time last year I did not know if he was alive or dead.

It’s also time for another declutter and it probably will all go on eBay (then charity shop if it doesn’t sell) as I want the money for Christmas and the New Year sales to fill up my wardrobe again. No need to declutter my Sky Box as only 25% is used and most of it is my Mom’s shows.  Been watching a lot of Netflix at the moment as I have watched all of Sky’s good boxsets (Rivera and Tin Star I mean you), at least I have a long Sky Cinema watch list to get through – all French films of course.

So what are my new start resolutions/ wish list?

  1. Healthy and toned: toned arms and legs working on the abs. Healthy? Stuck with a winter cough until spring.
  2. Save money: not this year but a list of targets to reach before 31st December 2018.
  3. New Job: working on it, CVs, jobsites, LinkedIn and looking for online courses to improve my skills.
  4. New Lap Top: this one is dying, and as per point 2 – I have to start saving.
  5. Travel more: at least 3 foreign trips before 31st December 2018.
  6. Work on my hobbies: knitting, writing, blogging and learning French.
  7. Misc: Lottery win, new hot rich French boyfriend, holiday home by the sea etc.
  8. And watch Wild, Eat Love and Pray and The Secret again for inspiration.

So that’s it, I have said it, told the cyber world, asked the universe and now it’s time to get my arse into gear.

Happy New November!

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