£9.50 TV Treat – North Yorkshire and Heartbeat

Last year’s trip was North Yorkshire, staying at the Haven Reighton Sands which was 30 minutes away from Scarborough and  an hour away from Whitby.  Our weekend visit started off at lunch Scarborough harbour, good jacket potatoes and for the oldies a senior citizens fish and chips special with a hot drink for £7 at the Princess Café.  The harbour front was very clean and I think it might be law you have to have grey hair and a dog to visit.  I felt so young!

Next day we headed to Withernsea which was an hour’s drive so that my Mom and Aunt could relive old holiday memories.  I don’t know what the seaside town was like 40 years ago (Google ladybird 1976 invasion) but in 2016 I can describe the place in two word s**t and hole it could be featured in the next series of Benefits by the Sea.  Not a nice place and after paying £3 for all day parking we left after half an hour.

The highlight of my weekend was Goathland in the York Moors or otherwise known as in the TV world as Aidensfield – Heartbeat country. I was never a fan of the show, not enough violence and high speed car chases for my liking but as we were in the area it had to be crossed off the list. The main locations were all on the main road called The Green where the sheep roam free. We had a drink in the Aidensfield Arms Pub (which is also a hotel called The Goathland Hotel), the Aidensfield Garage is now a gift shop along with the Aidensfield Village shop both of which are full of Heartbeat gifts. A Heartbeat calendar anyone?  Towards the end of The Green is the Goathland steam train station aka the Aidensfield station, also used in the Harry Potter films as it is Hogemeade train station too.

After leaving Aidensfield behind we went to Whitby for fish and chips at the Quayside restaurant, fish and chips, bread and butter and a pot of tea for around £14.  I wished we had more time to spend in Whitby it look like a nice harbour with a lot of independent shops and cafes and the East Cliff….maybe next time.

east cliff

East Cliff


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