£9.50 TV Treat Dorset: Murder & Monkeys

One weekend in Dorset equals two TV show locations visited and I think Dorset is one of my favourite ‘£9.50’ places we have visited.


‘Broadchurch’ or the correct name on Google Maps and all road signs is West Bay. It was about 20 minute drive from the Haven Park Sea View in Weymouth we were staying at and even thou  some of the drama was also filmed in Clevedon, Bridport, Weston Super Mare and Bristol, its West Bay where the memorable outdoor scenes were filmed. The cliffs and beach was the centre of the first series (where Danny Latimer’s body was found) and on nearly all of the publicity shots.  The harbour and it surrounding buildings were also used in this crime series for example:

Riverside home of DI Alec Hardy
West Cliff – Jocelyn Knight’s home
Broadchurch Police Station


The Harbour

Is was a sunny September day when we visited and it was so busy, I could tell this show had boosted tourism to the area and there were a lot of us tourists pointing out the buildings and linking them to the show.

Next day we went to Monkey World which is featured in the TV documentaries Monkey Business and Monkey Life which have been shown on Animal Planet, Channel 5 and now Pick to name a few channels. It is a rescue centre not a zoo, it has animals in enclosures and its gift shop is full of cuddly monkey soft toys but that’s where the similarities end. Monkey World opened in 1987 as a sanctuary for abused chimpanzees used by photographers in Spain as props for paying tourists. Now the 65 acre centre is home to 21 primate species rescued from around the world from the tourism, smuggling and pet trade as well as monkeys abused in laboratories and circuses.

My personal favourites there are the lemurs and Gordon and his fellow orangutans. I’ve watched him grow up on-screen and a wildlife trip to Madagascar and Borneo are on my travel list. With the chimps they seem to look at us humans behind the fences thinking ‘Planet of the Apes will happen so take you photos now while you still can’.

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