London: Tour de Bauer – 24 cycle another day


The following take place between 10am and 7pm on 7th July 2014.

When the Tour de France is on that’s another three weeks of adding places to my French holiday list or pointing at the TV saying ‘I’ve been there’.  When Le Tour was in England my original plan was a day trip to London to the race and while I was waiting for Froome and co to zoom past (5 hour wait for 30 seconds of cycling) I would have time to find a few locations for one of my all-time favourite shows  24: Live Another Day.  Most of the filming was around Trafalgar Square and the Mall which was the finish line for this race stage.  I killed two oiseasu with one pierre!

Along the Mall there were the organizers, sponsors, TV crews, bike teams, a lot of security and every car had a French number plate. This meant road and path closures and crowds of cycling fans looking for the best viewing spot.  Before I found my spot I decided to run around London in true Bauer style (sans guns) to find the 24 locations with help from (

First Bauer site was Pall Mall for two locations:

I couldn’t get to Carlton Gardens where the outside scenes of the US embassy were filmed, as the nearby roads were closed off for Le Tour. I couldn’t get to the front of the Athenaeum Club on Waterloo Place either.  Outside the Athenaeum Club was where Kate met with Jack to start their bid to save London and where Jack and President Heller escaped the Secret Service for their trip to Wembley Stadium. It was also where Belcheck dropped the President off after their trip.

Athenaeum Club


Heading up to Trafalgar Square, I took a detour to the Two Chairman Pub on Warwick House Street, just off Cockspur Street. Here Chloe O’Brian blows off Jack and goes off with Adrian.






Trafalgar Square was full of cycling fans (Nelson would be turning in his grave the amount of French around his Column), and this was where Simone Al-Harazi was hit by a bus – however it was on the other side.




Across the square, along Duncannon Street to Charing Cross station and the station exit by Pizza Express where Jack ran out when chasing Simone Al-Harazi.



The next 5 hours I sat near Buckingham Palace waiting for cyclists to zoom past, I didn’t know until after there was another Jack Bauer in London that day and he passed me on his bike.


Then I continued to follow in Jack’s footsteps, passing Big Ben and spending 120€ on a Team Sky Rain jacket (and when I get home I have a letter from Sky TV putting up my monthly TV subscription – merci pour rien Sky) making it to Waterloo Station – where the missile was going to hit and across the Golden Jubilee Bridge where the missile went into the Thames.

It was a bad day like Jack always experiences but I do have a few more dammits:

DAMMIT 2!  I was nowhere near the Gillette Building in West London, where most of the inside scenes were shot.

DAMMIT 3! No time to get to Liverpool street station where Steve Navarro was caught by Jack.

DAMMIT 4!  No time but already been Wembley Stadium and last year Camden Lock –Jordon Reed RIP & past East London mosque, Whitechapel which is in the opening scenes of episode 1 we stayed in the Ibis budget hotel next door  (England through the eyes of a Frenchman – London).



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