Birmingham: England through the eyes of a Frenchman – Part 3

There is no place like home for one night.  It was a busy sunny  Saturday in the City Centre much better conditions than Monsieur X’s first visit three years ago when the weather was terrible and there was a political party conference in the city so police and security checks everywhere – he was not impressed back then.

This time there was no security blocks and the new library had just opened.  There was a bigger queue for the lift to the top outdoor garden area than the queue to take out a book. I could show the Monsieur X the main parts of Birmingham in one place, ‘there is Broad Street where all the drunks come out at night, there’s the Cube and the canal where the good and pricey restaurants and bars are, that’s the Hall of Remembrance, to the right is the Rotunda and that’s where the Bullring is’.   Et Voilà Birmingham in a nutshell.

We stayed in the Premier Inn Waterloo Road, very central surrounded by bars and shops and only 5 minutes’ walk from the train station. ‘This is ze best room all trip’ he said, for our room on the seventh floor of this converted office building.  It was massive room compared to the previous two in Liverpool and Blackpool and I would also say spacious if I don’t have other hotel rooms to compare it to. The bed was so comfortable I could have stayed in it all night, but I was on tour guide duty and had to show my friend more of my city which was the Briar Rose for a £5 beer and burger meal, then on to the Trocadero for another drink before heading towards Broad Street where we finished off the night with few more cheap gins at the Lloyds before walking back to the hotel.

Birmingham: C’est Bon, but I think he was being polite.

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