Lake Annecy – The Returned


It might have been less than a minute but it counts. One place ticked off my TV travel list – the Lake Pub featured in Channel 4’s The Returned. Monsieur X picked me up from Geneva Airport one April Saturday, and we drove though the town of Annecy on the way to Courchevel.  He wanted to show me the lake however I wanted to go zombie hunting and begged him to stop off at the Lake Pub in Sévrier for a quick photo, after his complaining he gave in. Luckily for him it was closed (opens at 5pm), so he only had to drive around the car park while I took a photo of the pub. It made my day! The Tignes Dam (Barrage de Tignes) was only an hour’s drive away (67km) from Le Praz where Monsieur X was living but he won’t take me. He never watched the show so he didn’t understand the importance.


I’m a Francophile and I’m a big Walking Dead fan (also enjoyed Z-Nation) so naturally The Returned (Les Revants) would be on my undead viewing list.  No blood, gorge and graphic violence just a guessing game of what the hell is going on. Series one is about a bunch of ‘dead’ people who suddenly return to their village, acting like nothing ever happened to them, while the ‘alive’ people are being all French and acting cool about this crazy situation.  Only the French would have gorgeous zombies. There is Simon the brooding undead who even looks good lying in the morgue and Serge the cannibal zombie who still manages to get his leg over with a human.  Then on the cuteness scale of 9 out of 10 there is little Victor, this boy loses a point due to his sinister ways. This show freaked me out! Not that I’m jealous of their beauty and Frenchness (I so am!) but the women in this show are annoyingly beautiful and the younger cast are just annoying. Oui! I mean you Camille!

Series two continues straight on from the series one ending and again I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on (more dead people coming back) but it was worth sticking with it as the last 2 episodes answered all my questions and even thou they could make another series they finished off the series and story very well Victor now is 10 out of 10 as he did good in the end. The film this series was based on (called They Came Back/Les Revenants) was just as weird and being a sacred pathetic loser  I had to watch it in the day with the lights on, no pretty zombies this time but it did screw up my head again… it could happen!

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