Is there more to life than watching television?

1st September, is the day my TV died. Where was I? Flopped on my armchair, I had just started the Sons of Archery series one box set and twenty minutes into the first episode it happened. The screen went black and silent and the blue circle on the front of the box faded away.  My Sky TV box switched itself off, it flat lined and after 2 hours of CPR (switching it on and off again) I declared time of death at 11pm. I was upset that I would have the hassle of the SKY TV’s Indian ‘Help’ desk and the pain of dipping into my holiday fund for £215 for another box,  but I was relieved my box had hung on to life until after I watched the last ever episode of The Following, it was like the box knew.

The Sky Guy said it would be a week before I would receive my new box.  A week without my programmes, as one I need to watch Netflix on the big screen, two Freeview doesn’t count and three watching the terrible signal without HD should come with a health warning.  Luckily Wednesday nights are cinema nights (thank you meerkats) and that particular Thursday I had dinner with friends booked, another reason why my old sky box cared about me – die when she’s busy. What about the weekend? A weekend without my shows how bored was I going to be? Not very, I got stuff done.

  • A second trip to the cinema
  • Ideas for this new blog
  • Updated my TV Travel List
  • Worked out my finances ( to save for my telly trips)
  • Sorted out my wardrobe and cupboards (keep, sell, charity, or chunk) – I didn’t realise I had so much junk destined for eBay.
  • Cleaned my room/gym: I don’t want to go on these holidays with a fat stomach and I didn’t want to keep fit in a mountain of dust.
  • A few sessions on my exercise bike (in my dust free room).
  • Yoga to help me through my TV loss.
  • And gardening to tone my arms and back.

I kept myself busy and fit without spending money (free cinema tickets) and I actually didn’t miss watching TV that much. Maybe I realized there are more to life but not enough to get rid of my TV altogether.

When the new box arrived and after thirty minutes of swapping the boxes over and dusting the area (a black outline of 8 years of dirt was left on the plug socket) we were back on online with no programmes scheduled to record and a 100% clear memory. ‘Don’t overwork it again’ said my Mom, ‘But I got to download some shows before they disappear from On Demand’ I answered, trying to find my backlog of episodes. Not to go back into my old lazy sofa ways I only added the shows worth watching, and not the ones which didn’t keep me interested, just background noise while surfing the net.  And if there were any other programmes on my old box I have forgotten – you’re not up to my viewing standard.

So I welcomed Sky back into my life but decided things were going to be different.  I wanted an open relationship. I wanted to spend time with others …like my passport, the outside world and Netflix.

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